Colloidal Gold 120ppm | ULTRA Strength Gold Supplement | 500ml


Colloidal gold is a powerful immune booster, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Colloidal Gold 120ppm ULTRA Strength Gold Supplement is pure, high strength, bioavailable colloidal gold supplement made to precise medical-grade standards. It contains only pure 24-karat gold and distilled water. Our proprietary method produces the finest colloidal gold on the market.

Concentration: 120 ppm (parts per million)
Gold Content:
1,800 μg (micrograms) per 15 ml serving
Particle Size: 10 nm (nanometres)
Dosage: 15 ml per day
Quantity: 500 ml
Supply: 1-month min. @ 15 ml per day
Ingredients: Distilled water, 99.99% solid gold

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Important Product Information

Free from any form of gold salt. No gold chloride, gold sodium or any “gold salts” are ever used in the production process or found as a result of production. This is clean and pure, non-ionic colloidal gold. The only ingredients are distilled water and a solid 24 karat gold rod.

Colloidal gold has an intense ruby red colour. This is a natural result of the gold nanoparticle’s unique ability to refract light. Our colloidal gold contains no additives, preservatives or chemicals and is made using only distilled water and 99.99% pure gold.

True colloidal gold is not sensitive to sunlight and does not need to be packaged in an opaque container. It should be an intense ruby red, accept nothing else! We are proud of our quality and bottle in clear glass for all to see.

If it’s not ruby red, it’s poor quality colloidal gold.

Care Instructions

Unlike other brands, Vital Gold colloidal gold has a ‘best before’ of 2 years from the date of manufacture. This is due to the pure ingredients and hygienic conditions in our lab. Once opened please consume within 30 days.

Our biocompatible gold nanoparticles are colloidally suspended in pure laboratory grade water. Due to the fine nature of gold, this suspension is delicate and breaks down when faced with temperatures below 0°C.

The Vital Gold Method

Rigorous testing and quality control ensures Vital Gold colloidal gold is free from toxic chemicals, unwanted metals or additives – our product is perfectly safe to consume as a dietary mineral supplement.

To be absolutely clear, we use no form of “gold salts” (Gold chloride, Gold sodium, Gold thioglucose or any of the plethora of other Gold compounds) in the production process.

We get asked this question a lot – nothing but pure 99.99% gold and laboratory distilled water goes into the production process. The intense ruby red colour occurs naturally when gold nanoparticles refract light. Any colloidal product with a colour other than ruby red is due to unstable, ionic gold particles.

Health Benefits of Colloidal Gold

Colloidal gold improves the transmission of electrical signals between the nerve cells in our brain and throughout our body. It regenerate cells, restores cell elasticity and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

To maximise absorption rates we recommend taking Colloidal Gold shortly after waking, on an empty stomach half an hour before eating.

7 Stage Distillation

Our distilled water is produced in a 7 stage process which produces the finest distilled water available in the UK. Every stage has strict quality control to ensure you have nothing less than medical grade colloidal gold:

  1. Pre-treated through carbon filters
  2. Softened by Water Softener
  3. Pre-purified via Reverse Osmosis System
  4. Distilled (Glass)
  5. Treated with UV Ultraviolet High Intensity Light
  6. Filtered through 0.2 Micron Microbial Particulate System
  7. Carbon polishing

Our system constantly checks the quality of our water, supported by a variety of daily manual checks on certain elements.