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Manufacturing the UK’s Finest Colloidal Gold & Colloidal Silver

No other company produces ruby-red colloidal gold or golden colloidal silver with such vibrancy and clarity. Their striking colour results from their unique ability to refract light and is a clear marker for their quality.

Our products contain no ionic metals and are true colloidal solutions. As a result, they are not sensitive to sunlight and do not need to be packaged in an opaque container.

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Colloidal Gold

A pure, high strength, biocompatible colloidal gold supplement made to precise, medical-grade standards. Contains only 99.99% gold and distilled water. Our proprietary method produces the finest colloidal gold on the market.

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Colloidal Silver

True Colloidal Silver has powerful properties that fight against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and inflammation. It’s non-toxic and unaffected by UV light. The golden colour is a natural result of the silver particle’s ability to refract light. Our unique manufacturing process produces colloidal silver with absolutely no harmful ionic silver.

This high strength colloidal silver contains no additives, preservatives or chemicals and is made using only the purest seven-stage distilled water and 99.99% fine silver.

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